Simple Subscription

The Simple Subscription option gives you a convenient way to get your supplies shipped automatically at the amounts and frequency you desire. It is critical that you change out your supplies on a regular basis and this option takes away the need to remember to reorder. Not to mention... you save money!

Step 1

Find the product that you wish to purchase. Directly on the product page you will see that you can make a one- time purchase or you can subscribe and save. You are also given the option to chose the order frequency that you would like.

Step 2

Complete the checkout process. After completing, you will receive two email confirmations. The first email will be to confirm that your initial shipment is on its way and the second email will be confirming your reoccurring order. The second email will contain a link to your account where you can make changes to your subscription at any time. You can also login to your account anytime from our website to manage your subscription and view your order history.

This patient will be receiving 3 disposable filters and 3 replacement mask cushions every 3 months. If at any time you wish to cancel or adjust the frequency of your orders, just click the EDIT button to view all of your editing options.  

Step 3

There is nothing else to do!  You will receive email notifications every time you are due to receive your next shipment. You can always log in to view your delivery schedule and make any necessary changes. You always have the option to skip a delivery so you are never locked in to receiving supplies. Here is a screen shot of this patient's delivery schedule.