CPAP Equipment Recommended Replacement Schedule

It may seem wasteful to replace your CPAP supplies when the equipment looks perfectly fine. Even if you are diligent about cleaning your CPAP, you may still want to follow a replacement schedule to ensure your health and treatment efficacy.

CPAP MASK / Every 3 months

Referring to the harder plastic potion of your interface. The replaceable cushions and headgear can be replaced at a different frequency.

Replacement Mask Cushion / Every 2 weeks

The parts of the interface that come in contact with your face will break down due to oils and natural wear and tear. This will make it difficult to maintain a good seal and can have adverse effects on your therapy.

Mask Headgear / Every 6 months

Most headgears are made of a material call neoprene. This material allows the mask to accommodate the shape of your head and ensure a good fit. When stretched repeatedly, this material may start to give and will force the patient to tighten resulting in discomfort. The oils from the skin will also accumulate on the headgear causing the material to break down.

CPAP Tubing / Every 3 months

Your CPAP tubing can become dirty over time. The condensation can increase the risk of contaminants that may enter your lungs while using your CPAP device. Small holes caused by the breaking down of the tube material may also have negative effects on the effectiveness of your CPAP treatment.

Humidifier Chamber / Every 6 months

Along with only using distilled water in your CPAP humidifier it is very important to clean it regularly. Even with regular cleaning it is recommended that you replace your chamber approximately every 6 months.

Reusable Filter / Every 6 months

To ensure that you are breathing clean air it is recommended that you rinse your foam filer regularly and replace it every 6 months.

Disposable Filter / Every 2 weeks

Since these filter cannot be washed it is recommended that you replace every two weeks.
Replacement frequency source:
Source: DME MAC LCDs: CIGNA Government Services (L11518) dated February 4, 2011; National Government Services (L27230) dated October 1, 2011; National Heritage Insurance Company (L11504) dated February 4, 2011; and Noridian Administrative Services (L171) dated October 1, 2011.